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We at GraphiTech take our responsibilties seriously. We will do our best to be certain that your purchase does exactly what you want it to do. Guaranteed!

Job Costing & Tracking

Time is money. And with GraphiTech's Global Management System you can Cost and Track any job within the plant in Real Time! Instantly!


GraphiTech provides both Offset and Digital Estimating. See for yourself how easy and effortlessly you can prepare Quotes, Orders and Job Tickets...

Personal Support

GraphiTech is known for providing outstanding support for both our software and hardware, as well as for computer related questions.Call 800-634-8324 for support and sales...

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Global Management System for Printers

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This page includes the latest information regarding version numbers and a brief synopsis on enhancements included with that update. In addition, any items of interest regarding operating systems, problems, seminars, etc. will also be discussed here.

Job Tracking Patch 3.3.20

Download this patch (zip file) into the following folder and unzip:
C:\Program Files(x86)\GraphiTech's Millennium Job Tracking

If you want to have the latest version file loaded also, simply copy the VersGTJT.txt from the above folder into the subfolder called Data.


Professional Estimator Patch 2.6.104

Download this zip file and unzip into the Millennium Professional Estimator folder. File cintains ProEst, Barcode Font (3of9.ttf) and Versions.txt. With Win10, drag font to Font Folder (search for install font for instructions).


Latest Versions

Windows Millennium Plus Series (2018 - )

2.6.104- Professional Estimator Worksheet (with Integrated Features)
4.2.65 - Digital Estimator (with Integrated Features shown below)
3.3.20 - TermSys Touch Job Tracking Real Time w/Bar Code Scanners
3.3.20 - TermSys Touch Job Costing/Tacking Real Time w/Bar Code Scanners
2.1.10 - Job Cost Reporting
1.6.20 - Integrated QuickBooks Invoice
1.6.60 - Budgeted Hourly Cost Analysis
1.0.03 - Millennium Electronic Job Ticket - build 3 (stand-alone)
1.1.03 - GraphiTech Scheduling

Integrated Features: QuickBooks Invoice Interface (ProEst Only), Printed Invoice, Electronic Job Ticket, Layouts, Historical Ledger, Delivery icket, Quotation Forms, Price List Generator, QuickBooks Customer Import, Front Desk Estimator, Job Ticket, Pick Slip, Job Notes, Time/Cost Summar, Multi-Part Pricing (9 Items same Job Number), Artificial Intelligence.

Windows Millennium Series (1999 - )

1.70 - Job Costing/Tracking - build 0250
1.50 - KeySys Shop Floor - build 0385
1.50 - TermSys Shop Floor - build 0103
1.50 - Estimating & Order Entry - build 0281
1.50 - Historical Ledger Toolkit
2.30 - Millennium Professional Estimator - 2.4 build 72
1.60 - Millennium Invoicing (QuickBooks Interface) - 1.60 build 82
1.50 - Budgeted Hourly Cost Analysis
1.50 - Integrated Cutting Diagrams
1.50 - Delivery Ticket
2.00 - Job Tracking (Millennium/Legacy) - build 12
1.20 - Price List Generator - build 120
1.50 - QuickBooks Customer Import Utility - build 109
2.15 - Digital Estimator - 4.2 build 55
1.00 - Millennium Electronic Job Ticket - build 3
0.99 - Millennium Scheduler - build 12

Legacy Professional Series (1978 - )

10.2 - Professional Estimator
9.00- Job Costing/Order Entry
7.00 - DataScan Shop Floor [X]
8.02 - KeySys Shop Floor
7.25 - TermSys Shop Floor
7.00 - Professional KIS Accounting [X]
7.25 - Finished Goods
7.50 - Perpetual Inventory
8.01 - Press Scheduler
8.00 - Power/Infinity Interface
1.40 - QuickBooks Interface

Seminars & Shows

March, 2021: An Island Resort Workshop (Fri & Sat). Sign up now for this one day training program on GraphiTech's Millennium software, only $425 per person. From Estimating, Invoicing, Job Costing and Shop Floor Systems, you'll receive intensive, hands-on experience working with state-of-the-art software and hardware in a relaxing beach side classroom. Lunch break includes Beach Side luncheon, if desired. Call 800-634-8324 for Reservations before February 15, 2019. By planning now, you will receive a 20% discount on the training sessions from GraphiTech and substantial discounts on the Hotel. Classroom is limited to 15 participants, so call now for reservations! If you arrive early or depart late, try booking a beachfront snorkeling trip or try your hand at parasailing!

E-Commerce Consortium

GraphiTech along with 7 other Print Management System vendors and 8 DotCom Companies, agreed in principal to provide working extensions to the JDF model for purposes of providing an open eCommerce solution. Click on this link to obtain a copy of the PrintTalk JDF format. This document will provide a complete review of the PrintTalk and/or cip4 model (Interoperable implementation of JDF standard to link e-commerce & print management systems). For additional information regarding cip4, Click Here.

Creating a Macro Script for the Professional Estimator

Instructions for creating a Macro Script that basically answer questions that are displayed when quoting a job may be created by following these simple directions. Just click on GTMACRO for full details.



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