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We at GraphiTech take our responsibilties seriously. We will do our best to be certain that your purchase does exactly what you want it to do. Guaranteed!

Job Costing & Tracking

Time is money. And with GraphiTech's Global Management System you can Cost and Track any job within the plant in Real Time! Instantly!


GraphiTech provides both Offset and Digital Estimating. See for yourself how easy and effortlessly you can prepare Quotes, Orders and Job Tickets...

Personal Support

GraphiTech is known for providing outstanding support for both our software and hardware, as well as for computer related questions.Call 800-634-8324 for support and sales...

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Global Management System for Printers

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Traction Press

You've just helped another printer take a big step at an affordable price, that otherwise would not have been possible. Your product is very "impressive" and obviously reflects your great efforts and abilities. I wish you success and will recommend your product when and where ever I can. Thanks for your prompt communication. I hope to purchase your accounting interface as well as other upgrades sometime in the near future. Thanks again, AAA+++
Alan Nadon


Printing and Copying, PA

Hi Scott,
Well, we're up and running with the program, only on one computer yet, but so far we really like it. The work order, which I believe is one of the most important parts in an estimating program, is the best I've used yet, in fact it's great. We like the look of the screens, the layout and the way they function. The menu buttons to the side is a great idea. It's simple to use and has a look and feel geared to printers more than the other programs I tried. Most of the bigger programs are over featured for a smaller shop like ours and very complicated to get up and running and the smaller ones just don't work well enough. Yours is just right.
Ed S.


New Hampshire Press

Hello Scott,
...If you ever have any Ebayers or other interested parties in your software program that would like to talk to a purchaser of the program, feel free to use [our email address]... I will gladly speak highly of the program and it's accuracy in producing estimates/orders for the printing industry.
Thanks again, Neal Z.


Performance Printing

...We have been using the [GraphiTech Computer Systems Legacy] software for the past five years and I consider purchasing this software one of my best decisions. It has streamlined our business and lowered our costs. Customer support is always available, and Scott is always interested in problems you may be experiencing and how to solve them.
Tom M.


AC Graphx

Scott, Thanks very much.  I've been running into some pretty [bad] service out there as of late and your quick response was well appreciated at a time when I was doubting if there was any good service left out there.  It was quick, easy and pretty!!! Once again thanks.


Speed Print

We use GraphiTech for estimating, bar code data collection and accounting.  The system is very sophisticated yet easy to use. We use only a small part of the capabilities available. Updates are sent on a regular basis. I don't know how a software program could have better support than GraphiTech. Scott wrote the program and is the one at the other end of the toll-free phone connection that will field your call. Sincerely,
Dick McGowan

I.B. "Barry" Goldberg, Past Director, Bus. Development for John Naisbitt's Consulting Firm

Dear Scott,
Three years ago ... I began working with small to medium sized businesses. During that time I have brought dozens of firms in wide ranging industries into the computer age.  In so doing, I have had exposure to literally hundreds of "canned" software programs.  I am writing to tell you that I have yet to encounter a system as thorough, friendly, and well planned as yours. putting up [your] software, I found a program that allowed for almost any possibility or combination of circumstances. Furthermore, my experience of calling support people at software companies has been less than wonderful. [But] you always made time and what's more important, always knew a way to address the problem. As I complete this assignment and return to my practice in California, I leave behind a business much better prepared to compete ion a difficult market. Thank you again for your assistance. Your [program] is without a doubt the most comprehensive and usuable program I have ever encountered. Cordially,
I. Barry Goldberg


Vital Printing

We have known Scott since 1980 and have had his software in our plant since the beginning. First with the AlphaTrack system when we were associated with Big Red Q and later with the PC version of the Professional Management System. In fact we have just installed all new Win7-32 bit computers as a continuation of our use of his Legacy software and expect to soon migrate to the Millennium version.
Bill Vitale



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