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With both Digital & Offset Estimates to Utilities & complex Shop Floor Data Collection systems, we have you covered with unbelievable discounts from GraphiTech!

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Job Costing & Tracking

Time is money. And with GraphiTech's Global Management System you can Cost and Track any job within the plant in Real Time! Instantly!


GraphiTech provides both Offset and Digital Estimating. See for yourself how easy and effortlessly you can prepare Quotes, Orders and Job Tickets...

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GraphiTech is known for providing outstanding support for both our software and hardware, as well as for computer related questions.Call 800-634-8324 for support and sales...

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Global Management System for Printers

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Millennium Global Management Special Offers!!

This catalog page contains "Specials" that are available for only a short time. Be sure to order Now before they are no longer Discounted!!

*Click for Millennium Documentation for Job Tracking with Bar Code Scanner, Badge Creator and full Reporting. Special Pricing on First 50 Units. $475 (Single Computer), $1150 (Network). See Price List below.Job Tracking

Click for Brochure: Real-Time Job Tracking using Wireless Bar Code Scanner. Instantly identify not only the current location, but also all previous activity for any job in the plant. Easily save hundreds of hours annually in locating jobs, both in the plant as well as those “on hold”, “at your Vendors”, or even in remote plants. And you can use Touch Screens and Bar Code Readers.

  • Instantly locate any job within the plant
  • Provide Morning Production Report for CSR’s
  • Review employee log-ins
  • Determine if jobs are Past Due
  • Review Time Cards.

(See Millennium Documentation for all Reports and Utilities)
Reports include: Past Due Jobs, Job Location, CSR Production Meeting, Job Listings, Printed Work Order and Daily Activity.

Utilities Include: Department/Operation Sheet for all Departments, Employee Badge Creator, Customer Import from Quickbooks.

Package Contents: Job Tracking Software, Badge Creator Bar Code Scanner with Receiver

Job Tracking Package Contents
Module, Sample Scan Sheet, Documentation Manual, Bar Code Scanner, Bluetooth Receiver for remote use of bar code reader and 5 Badge Holders with Clips. Note that Network (Multi-Computer) version includes additional Bar Code Scanner plus 5 additional badge holders and clips.

Single, Multi or Upgrade

Price List

*Optimized for Windows 7, 8 and/or 10.

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