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Learn how to create a script that will automatically answer the questions that appear when performing a quotation or job in the Professional Estimator.

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As you know, when pricing a job in either the quote or job mode, a series of questions always appear prior to the program returning to the worksheet area (Command Line or Control Line). If you hit ESC, the questions are disregarded and you are returned to the worksheet, however, if you had wanted to save the quote or job, you would need to perform the function manually at the worksheet or answer the question that pertains to Saving the Quote. Well, here is a way to fully automate that process.


The GTMACRO.DAT file contains up to 10 lines and control various program responses. The general file layout is as follows;
1) 0
2) 0
4) 0
5) 0
6) 0
7) 0
8) 0
9) 0
10) 0
where the lines numbers and {ABCDEFG} are not part of the file. Each line controls a part of the program as described below.

File Contents

General: {N=No, Y=Yes and a Space=Ask The Question}
Line 1: Automatic Job Number. You use a 1 if you do not wish to change the job number. A 0 entry will cause the program to ask if you wish to change the Job Number.

Line 2: Specify which quantity to use for the Job Ticket. This question is asked only when an affirmative response is made to question 3 (line 3) below. A 0 will cause the program to request which quantity you desire. A 1 will use the first quantity, etc.

Line 3: Sequential responses to questions at end of quote. For example, this may have the appearance of NNNYYNN or
NNN YNN both of which cause the program to react in different ways. A review of each response is made below;
In response to each letter specify Y, N or Space.
A) Print Worksheet.
B) Print Time Cost Summary.
C) Print Office Copy Job Ticket (used in Quote Mode only).
D) Print Production Job Tickets (used in Order Entry Mode only).
E) Save Quote.
F) Load Bid Form.
G) Load Invoice (Question appears if in Order Entry Mode)

Line 4: If the quote or job when saved would result in being saved on top of itself, then a 1 placed in this line would be interpreted to mean that this is OK. Enter a 0 if you wish to be reminded each time the saved quote would be saved on top of itself

Line 5: DataPro Only. Currently Not Active. Sales Code Information.

Line 6: Mark-Up specifications. Place a 1 in this line if you wish for the worksheet to flash MU=% anytime a difference is encountered between a saved file and the default data. A zero entry will cause any saved file (which was not deliberately changed to a different markup) to revert to the new default data in the markup file.

If a 2 is placed into this file, then the mark-ups are changed to the new mark-ups immediately regardless of whether they were made manually or through file changes.

Line 7-10 Not Implemented At This Time.

File Contents

When you complete the file (probably in Notepad), it will appear similar to the following (your own responses of course):

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